Common Printer Problems Faced by Users

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Nowadays, printer is an irreplaceable thing for the offices, organisations and many other places. They serve a great purpose of printing however even creates some problems at times. A wide range of printers is accessible these days and the quality they offer is evenly different. The type of print they offer is really not appreciable which may cause problem. Every time to diagnose the printer can even be bit irritating. However, to ignore such intricacies, there are number of ways. Variety of things can be taken into consideration which can really go well with it. The prior thing is to take aid from canon printer customer service. They are there to solve every problem.

The distinct problems which users face these days are:

Lines of toner: The lines there on the print can be due to a variety of reasons. It can be with a reason that on the scanner glass, there are some substances gathered to form issues. So, proper cleaning has to be done using a rag which hardly costs anything. The added lines get cleaned with a simple clean of glass.

Wrinkle on pages: Sometimes when a user enters the page, some crimpling is there on the paper or it gets jammed inside. It can be due to humidity or due to roller or any difficulty in the paper tray. To check out such hindrance, customer can open the paper tray and see if the paper is properly loaded into it. If the difficulty is there in the fuser assembly, it is needed to contact though canon printer customer service phone number. We will assist at the same moment.

Blank sheet problem: At times while printing, we get the blank sheet coming out due to a shared printer. This thing makes to give the command again for printing. So for that, users just do one thing which is in the printing preferences, disable or enable the separator pages. When once the setting is done, this problem will be solved definitely.

Too dark or light copy: We mostly get the dark print or light print when the toner is new or about to end. Or it can be caused due to imbalance in the controller. Changes in the settings can be the reason for this. The best way to get rid of these resets the levels. Check the level of toner whether it is about to end or not. In that case, replace the toner to avoid such obscurity.

The Printer works too slow: Are you facing this problem? Is that your printer is too slow, than you deem of? Do you know any reason? There can be number of reasons, which may cause the printer to work slow. At times using the wireless printer can be the cause of it. Then in such case, make sure the router setting is proper. Moreover when we have wired printer, it works better than any other one. So make sure the wires are connected properly and it is running efficiently.

Text is awful: The text on the print can evenly vary due to printer. Mostly the print from inkjet gives the proper text for small business, schools, etc. whereas laser printer gives a professional touch to the print. Once the settings are apt, the print will even be better. If in the case of laser printer, if it is not working, then take the cartridge off and shake it properly. Then place it again for better work.

Such changes have to be done for better work. These are some of the changes for printers to work better for them. Even for any difficulty, user can directly reach to our customer team.

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