Solid Ink: A Unique Printing Method

In today’s time, number of printing methods have been introduced for printing. It depends upon the requirement of the user that which print they need either colored, black and white or any other sort of printing. In this way, in the variety of printing methods, here is a new method which can be used for printing. This printing method is known as solid ink. It is a unique way through Xerox. When it is applied, it takes some solid blocks of wax kind of material and melts down through drum before it is applied to the paper. canon printer tech support

By such printing, the result is a glossy finish which is very vibrant and amazing for sale. Plus it, can be used where the user has to give great impact our first impression of the work. To use this solid ink way, inside there is a Colorqube solid ink color printer which reveals printing mechanism for a great printer. As the user begins with printing, the long-life continuation roller hastily applies a microscopic layer of silicone oil for a compatible ink release to the heated drum.

For any support about how it works or anything, user can take the canon printer support which is available whenever users need. We are accessible 24*7 for the customers. Moreover, the benefits are that it is very robust, easy to use as well as a comfortable printing mechanism. There is no complexity to use this system. Once it is used perfectly, the roller can give up to 10,000 prints and 30,000 with the extended maintenance kit.

In a way of printing, there are different sorts giving distinct benefits:

  • Transferring image: In this method a paper is inserted amid a transfix roller and the drum by transferring the ink onto the paper. It will give high image transfer, high reliability. Also, the process of transfer printing will give great quality of the papers. In this way, no fuser will be required.
  • Bonding of ink: As the ink transfers on the paper from drum, it infiltrates the fibres of paper without any spread on the paper. After that the ink leaves a great solid impression on the paper giving a great effect. It does not take time to cool down as well as it does not smudge on the paper. Also, the quality is good and used in the media more than those color lasers.
  • Printing on both sides: In the automatic duplex printing, the paper is fed through the duplex paper path into printer. Then the same method is repeated on the second side on the transferring of the drum. In this method, the paper trays are needed.

These are some of the methods to use this solid ink for printing. For any other difficulty, user can directly contact canon printer tech support. We will guide on every step and will help the users wherever they require us. We are team of excellence to show the way on every step. Make a call to us and we will sort all the difficulties.

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