How to scan from an HP printer to a Mobile device Using HP Smart with HP printer customer service number.

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Scan photos or documents from your Hp printer to your android phone, iPhone or iPad utilizing the HP keen application.

For this, HP printer smart application must be introduced on your gadget and your printer must be set up in the application.

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For Printers with the scanner glass, lift up the scanner glass cover. Place the document or photo to scan in the automatic document feeder or on the scanner glass utilizing the guides for the right position.

For printers with a scrolling scanner, load the document or the photo to scan the print side up and flush against the paper manage on the correct side of the scanner.

The HP printer pulls the document or photo partially into the scanner and the scanning light brightens.

Now on your gadget, open HP smart application and tap the Scanned tile.

For i Phones or i Pads, set the capture source to a scanner. Tap the settings symbol and choose the scan source or input source. Alter some other wanted scan settings and after that tap done or close.


For i Phones or i Pads, tap the blue shutter button to begin the scan. For an Android phone, tap begins the scan to begin the scanning.

From the preview, tap the edit icon to change any desired change or setting and tap done.

To scan any extra pages, tap extra pages symbol.

With all pages scanned, you can rename your scan, spare print and share it through HP smart.

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  • The customer sees the issue in checking by the HP Printer


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HP Laptop Not Starting? In-depth Resolve Is Here

However, it manages out how to keep the things top of the line. HP desktop has performed great in the market, at that point the introduction of HP laptops gives the highest hope wants to HP users and surprisingly it remained for what it claims, the speed, reliability, precision and execution, everything was to the point. However, indeed, we can’t deny the way that it’s not thoroughly free of errors and to be honest nothing can be.


The greatest concern of HP laptop users is the circumstance when the laptop refused to start. Now, you can discover what is causing the issue and what should be fixed. Along these lines, it is vital to cover all the related aspects with a specific end goal to blow life to your laptop. Or for the easiest solution, you can contact HP customer support number for immediate recovery for the solution.

How about we talk about all the important factors which help you start your HP laptop.

  1. First of all, you have to check the working of AC adapter of your device. You have to check whether the AC power adaptor is working properly by connecting to it in the Ac input power jack. Next, check whether the battery laptop getting changed of the assistance of LED light with AC power input.
  2. It is important to track the usefulness of AC adapter input and output jacks and replace the damaged adaptor if essential on account of a damaged adaptor. Likewise, it is encouraged to check for the wires and cables, if working suitably on not.
  3. Now, let the battery charge for a good time with the goal that it inspires capacity to peruse the execution. Wait till the laptop turned-on
  4. If the issues still persist even from that point onward, every one of the cables, docking stations, and adapters from the power plug.
  5. If your system comprises a removable battery, you have to remove the battery from the space. But step 3 must be finished with the device containing a removable
  6. Now, continue pressing the power button for good 15 seconds without interfacing the AC adaptor and battery.
  7. Now just module the Ac adapter and try to power-up the laptop.
  8. Now you can make sense of the correct lacking-point. If the power block is making issues, try to replace it.
  9. If the laptop starts alone with AC Adapter however not with the battery, the battery is to the fault and should be replaced. For a brand new laptop, it should be charged for one hour in a row keeping in mind the end goal to turn-on your device.
  10. If the issues assume even after every one of these endeavors, turn it over and expel administration and HDD from the gadget.
  11. Now re-insert the peripherals after analyzing quickly. Before inserting the things, rub an eraser on the openings and ensure no rubber-leftovers remain in the slots. If after the wake of reseating the HDD, the tops bolt LED blinks, there is an issue with the RAM. replace the Ram to restore the ordinary usage of your HP laptop.
  12. To perform an effective RAM update, you probably introduced Ram kit installed. Before introducing Ram kit there is another important factor which we frequently ignore is the most recent version of BIOS.
  13. Sometimes the drivers are at the fault which needs to address ASAP. If you notice regular clicking sounds it might be the sign of issues with drivers.
  14. Now, moving towards the splash screen of the producer and after that to the sequence of the BIOS boot.
  15. In order to gain the access to a donor framework, head towards the HP official site and install the required BIOD files.
  16. Try to update your PC’s BIOS to recover the essentialness of your device.
  17. The functioning of OS is also essential to run your HP laptop easily; the corrupted, unused files and applications which are gathered on your desktop can be the explanation behind Error “HP laptop is not starting”. Also, one should always to dependably keep the backup of the important files. If necessary and virus or corrupted files aren’t enabling your system to begin, re-install your OS.
  18. Even beginning your laptop, the screen black. Have a go at associating the outside show with your HP laptop.
  19. If after connecting the external screen it works typically, the graphics drivers should be changed. Also, you can get FLEX display cable or a brand show board to reestablish the functioning of your laptop’s screen. To regain the display or your PC, you can use external screen to update the display drivers for HP laptops which basically make the display errors.


The means require a pinch of specialized learning, but here and there your fortunes don’t work to support you and you get an antagonistic result from your manual efforts, at that point of time HP printer help number is a perfect decision to manage the issues of HP laptops.